Saturday, December 30, 2006

30 December 2006 - Guerrero Negro to Mulege

Peter and I decided that since we had already missed the 8 am whale watching trip and we wanted to reach Mulege, maybe we would try to do whale watching on the way back. We drove down to the nearest whale watching place (at an American-style hotel) and spoke with a man there. He agreed that waiting would be better since there were few whales in the cove at the time. We also determined that Jan 1st they wouldn't be operating since they couldn't get down the road (it's controlled by the big salt company that "runs" the town). The restaurant next door had a very pleasant outdoor patio so we stopped for coffee and breakfast which were both good.

Back on the road, we put down some miles, or at least it felt like it. Around noon we arrived in San Ignacio, an oasis town with a river and lots of palm trees and an old colonial town square. There was a place called Rice and Beans advertising itself as a SCORE destination so we decided to give it a try. We had a pretty good standard Mexican meal on the veranda and hit the road again. The next town was Santa Rosalia which had some interesting decrepit structures and apparently a French colonial town square but Kelly was sleeping so we kept moving. Finally we made it to Mulege around 4 and checked into a very quaint hotel with palm trees.

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