Tuesday, December 26, 2006

26 December 2006 - Lost Hills to San Diego

We woke up at a place called Lost Hills, which is basically a few motels and fast food restaurants on one side of I-5, in the middle of nowhere. The view was unremarkable.


We got back in the car and headed south and didn't stop until LA. We took the Santa Monica freeway and headed into Venice to hit the Rose Cafe. Pulling up into a parking spot we realized we were parked in front of Digital Domain. Now that is strange, since I didn't even know where it was! Is the universe telling me something.

We got some much needed coffee and food there. It was too late, a headache had already set in thanks to a morning without coffee and driving right across LA.


We returned to the 405 and rolled south to San Diego. We walked around La Jolla to check that out. It was sort of like Pasadena, only on the beach. I'm not sure we exactly liked it. It was also swarming in tourists. Fat ones. Ones that smoke and say "I don't think I can go in there" "Why?" "Because it's California". It was true, the mall walkway was too narrow to get the required distance away from the doorways.

We ate at a diner called "Harry's". When we walked in we felt like we'd been in many places like it before. That we'd sit down and some haggard old waitress named "Angel" would call us "Honey" a lot before taking our order. Most of all the food would be horrible. But it wasn't like that at all. The food was good and I wasn't called "Honey" once.

Once back in the car Kelly fell asleep. She was toasted. We drove around looking for the Salk Institute to see the Louis Kahn building. Patty and I took turns looking around it while Kelly slept. I would have liked to have taken the tour, it was truly an impressive masterpiece.

From there we followed to coast down to Mission Beach and watched the sunset. It was so spectacular that it seemed the whole town had stopped what they were doing to watch it. Every access point to look out over the ocean had people, standing still and silent, looking out to the sea and sky filled with color. Finally we parked and watched it too.


Later we found our hotel and had dinner at a pizza place in the Gas Light district. Tourist central, but not too crazy being the holidays. The brick sidewalks and gas lamps are a new addition, but the buildings themselves are old and some are not like anything we'd seen before. Our restaurant was basically ordinary in every way, except the service, which sucked when it filled up with large groups of college basketball girls. (Patty and I had pizza with weird artichoke hearts and cheese on it. Kelly has angle hair pasta with butter.)

Bed couldn't come too soon.

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