Saturday, December 23, 2006

This is a test. Repeat. This is a test.

Did I mention it's cold here? And starved for daylight. But then I'm spoiled by living in North California. Really it's not cold or dark at all. It's not like I'm out running in 3 degrees. It just feels that way.

This is really a test. You can type a document in Google Docs (formally Writely) and then post to this blog from there. Somehow that seems like it could be useful. For one, a dedicated word processor should be a better environment for composing text. And for another, it keeps my postings with my other documents.

However, adding images could be easier. Once I download an image from my D70, it's a huge 3k image. Just as well I don't have a 12 Mega-pixel camera, or there'd be even more pixels to deal with. Then I need to add it to the text. But I can't just drag and drop it, and the browser for mechanism is docs is pretty basic. Resizing needs to be typed in as pixels, both x and y. No way to fix an aspect ratio that I can see.

I'll try the same process from Blogger and see how that is.

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